Why are there so many fake Rolexes on the market?

May 23, 2022

A few days ago, a watch fan consulted and said that he wanted to buy a Rolex watch, but he felt that the market was very chaotic, and he was worried that he would accidentally buy a fake . Hard-hit area", so do you know why?

1. Watches that do not produce see-through bottoms

Rolex has an eternal guideline - not to make watches with see-through bottoms, which provides an excellent cover for counterfeit watches. The Rolex version of the watch is well designed, well-matched, and cost-effective, so most clock lovers like these materials. At the same time, fake Rolex watches are also favored by everyone.

2. The brand name is too big

As we have mentioned before, Rolex's name is almost resounding worldwide. Especially in China, Chinese people almost have a different feeling toward Rolex; whether they know watches or not, they have to give a thumbs up when mentioning Rolex watches. And there is such an unspoken rule, as long as it is a rich person who wears a Rolex watch. As the saying goes, big trees attract wind, and Rolex has naturally become the number one target of fake watch manufacturers.

3, are all dense bottom styles

Why does Rolex not make a watch with a thick base? Prince Cellini, but because the sales are not high, many people do not know. The most popular Rolex watch is the Oyster watch, and the Oyster is a screw-in closure design. It is not tricky for fake watch manufacturers to produce the appearance of a watch. The difficulty is the movement, which is made of domestic activity. Even if the splint is modified, it isn't easy to be 100% consistent with the original. The secret bottom model is different because the movement is invisible, so there is no flaw.

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