Why are there so many fake Rolex watches?

May 27, 2022

Rolex, a watchmaking brand with a global reputation, is a household name, especially in China! Rolex first entered people's field of vision through Hong Kong movies in the 1990s. The big guys in it all like to wear a Rolex watch. Therefore, the image of Rolex "earth" has taken root in many people's impressions. There are many fake Rolex watches on the market, but do you know why there are so many fake Rolex watches? Let us analyze it below.


1. High brand awareness

Rolex is the first batch of watch brands to enter the country. With years of operation, Rolex has a very high reputation in China. When it comes to watches, the first thing that everyone thinks of is Rolex. It is simply a household name, and everyone knows it! And in everyone's subconscious, Rolex is a symbol of the rich, highlighting strength and status. Therefore, such a famous watch brand has become a favorite in the eyes of fake watch manufacturers, and counterfeit watches with high sales will naturally buy more counterfeit watches. Will do.

2. Easy to copy

We can talk to you about this in two ways. Why are Rolex watches easy to be imitated? Those familiar with Rolex must know that Rolexs primary focus is practicality, so its products are essential functional watches, and there are no overly complicated styles. So this is very simple for fake watch manufacturers. You must know that many high-end and complex fake watch factories have been unable to produce. First, it is a technical problem, and the second is a cost problem, so it is straightforward to make a fake Rolex.

3. Simple style

As we all know, Rolex has rarely produced watches with complex functions, and they are watches with the most basic functions. After all, Rolex is king in essential parts and has achieved the ultimate. It is easier to imitate fake watches without complications, and the failure rate is lower than that of complications.

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>> Why are there so many fake Rolex watches?

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