What is the difference between a replica watch and a high imitation watch?

Jun 16, 2022

There are replica watches, high imitation watches, fine imitation watches, etc., on the market, so what is the difference between replica watches and high imitation watches?

1. Differences in artistry

Since the 1:1 engraved products are made according to the open standard, not only the requirements for the machine are high, but also the requirements for mold opening, waxing, and plate making are also high. Therefore, the artistry is more delicate and meticulous, while the high imitation watch is relatively rough. However, only professionals can see it generally, and it is still difficult for ordinary people to distinguish.

2. Different hands

The large hands are used in the replica Rolex mechanical watch design, and the hands are treated with luminous light. The bright beads of the replica Rolex watches do not look much different from the original, but the color may be more or less other, and it must be that the luminous time of the actual product will be more durable than that of the replica. Use. The color of the real green water ghost bright pearl is relatively transparent, while the color of the bright imitation pearl is rather dirty and opaque.

3. Different manufacturers

In a sense, the replica watches are some previous styles made by the original factory, and other factories produce high imitation watches. The watches sold by this factory are of suitable techniques! But from the market point of view, there is no difference between them; the replica watch is a high imitation watch! Not genuine!

<< What is the difference between a high imitation watch and a replica watch?

>> Do you know the difference between replica watches and high imitation watches?

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