What is the difference between a high imitation watch and a replica watch?

Jun 23, 2022

In recent years, more and more people have paid attention to the existence of high imitation watches and replica watches. What is the difference between the two? Next, the horse will tell you.

What is the difference between a high imitation watch and a replica watch?

1. Material difference. When copying materials used in watches, you should generally pay attention to the source. Suitable materials and genuine materials are not available everywhere. This is a guarantee of a good product. Therefore, we strictly control the place of origin, raw materials, and prices, which are also more expensive, such as replica Rolex. The ordinary materials used in high imitation watches have poor artistry, the feel and texture of the materials are insufficient, and the gloss is not as bright as the replica watches.

2. A replica watch is an imitation watch copied according to the genuine product. Whether external or internal, this kind of reproduction is reproduced in a one-to-one ratio. However, due to the needs of the re-engraving process, the overall size of the re-engraved watch will be slightly larger than the original. The balance of the finished product is 1.1 to 1. The perfect replica of the polishing space and scale of such a replica watch during the production process has dramatically improved the overall similarity of this watch. Therefore, the proportion of replica watches sales in the modern market is on the rise. High imitation watches refer to watches that are processed and produced according to genuine products, and it isn't easy to analyze whether they are open from the appearance. It has to be said that now the domestic high imitation technology has reached perfection.

Overall, the quality difference between the two is relatively significant. Replica watches are the highest-end and most complicated watches in imitation, representing the highest level of this imitation profession. A high imitation watch is a general level within an imitation watch.

>> What is the difference between a replica watch and a high imitation watch?

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