The difference between imitation Rolex and genuine

May 24, 2022

Many small partners like Rolex watches very much in our daily life, and there may be many small partners in the market who pay attention to high-precision imitation Rolex. Many people do not understand the difference between high-precision imitation Rolex and genuine. I'll tell you next

What is the difference between the high-precision imitation Rolex and the genuine one?

1. Different materials

When buying Rolex watches, the difference between high imitation Rolex watches and genuine ones is still relatively significant. Although it is not apparent from the appearance, we need to know the current high imitation Rolex watches. All the materials are Domestic production, while all the materials of genuine Rolex watches are produced abroad. Authentic Rolex watches feel heavy and thick, while fake Rolex watches are lighter.

2. Different quality control

Most replica Rolex watches are mass-produced and pressed with abrasive tools. They are relatively rough in terms of polishing. They may feel blunt on the hands, the square corners will feel rounded, and the rounded corners of an authentic Rolex watch will not be round enough. Even the edges of the scale or hands will have burrs and uneven polishing, which is accurate and high imitation in quality control difference in aspects.

3. Different laser engraving on the inner ring

The craftsmanship of the inner plate of the Rolex bezel, one pays attention to the centering of the font, and the other is exquisite and deep. From the lettering of the font, there is a slope angle, not 90-degree direct lettering. From this detail, it can be found that if the font has no slope, it must be a fine imitation watch.

<< Why are there so many fake Rolex watches?

>> Why are there so many fake Rolexes on the market?

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